Accuracy - redesigned

Reimagined NGS analysis through proprietary algorithms to drastically reduce errors –

best in class, gold standard accuracy!

Products made to fit

We have designed a series of analysis products to give you options – balancing confidence and details, against cost-effectiveness and throughput, to provide maximal flexibility.

How we work, is up to you

TIGERq offers access, speed, and accuracy aiming to fast forward your research for safety, effcacy, and on-target performance.

DNA Submission

Choose to submit genomic DNA, PCR product, or even cells. We will do the rest.

Primer Validation

High accuracy validation comes first. No side products allowed.

Library Preparation and QC

You have all QC data at your fingertips. For quick check or for publication, we’ve got you covered.

TIGERq Analysis

Clear yet detailed. Main conclusion balanced with high confidence statistical resolution. Results for rapid progress.

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