Gene editing analysis for all user needs

Products differ by sequencing technology and coverage to balance requirement for high accuracy while balancing the need for cost-effective access

    • TIGERQ Drive –

    • High accuracy analysis.

    • Amplicon Workflow –

    • Complementary analysis.

    • TIGERQ Access –

    • Cost-effective analysis.

    • Primer Design and Validation –

    • Specificity validation.

TIGERQ Workflow

  • Accurate and reproducible quantification on single nucleotide resolution.

  • Library validation through preparatory run, with QC reporting for transparency and follow-up.

  • User contact to expedite decisions and maximize turnaround.

Amplicon Workflow

    • A cost-effective complement for gene editing quantification.
    • Matches TIGERQ QC and data reporting functions with reduced sequencing coverage.
    • Analysis using compatible algorithm with global amplification bias correction.

Primer Design and Validation

    • Minimization of non-specific amplifications in the genomic context.
    • All primers are required to go through our optimization and validation process.
    • Primers are stored for a minimum of six months, for use in future submissions.

How to order?

Just choose from our Product List and send the Order Form to [email protected]

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