A new gold standard solution

Gene Editing efficiency analysis is a foundational problem. It is the first question posed and the first obstacle to overcome.


Regardless of field, scale, or system it is the one question that determines success and failure.

A state-of-the-art NGS pipeline that is razor sharp and accessible to all

Our objectives

  • Access

    We facilitate immediate access regardless of project size.

  • Accuracy

    We strive for absolute accuracy with proprietary next generation algorithms.

  • Affordabiltiy

    We aim to meet the customer need at a price point that is accessible, scalable, and cost- effective.

  • Support

    We are here to help with interpretation, submission, and follow-up questions.


    We will continue to deploy new functionalities to drive your work forward!

  • Insane turnaround

    You have no time to waste and we get it.


    Our workflow is the fastest possible commercial NGS pipeline, period.

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